Installing Team Time Reporting

Team Time Reporting is a web application that can be installed locally on a Virtual Machine or hosted in the Cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.). It does not require a plugin or extension, making the application accessible on any device and browser.

How to Configure Projects

When configuring Team Time Reporting, the following hierarchy must be followed:
  1. Client
  2. Project
  3. Category
Each 'Client' can have multiple 'Projects', each with multiple 'Categories'.

Eligible Azure DevOps/TFS Templates

Team Time Reporting supports Agile, Scrum, and CMMI templates. The following variables are needed to link to an existing Azure DevOps/TFS project: * The account can either connect using a Password or Personal Access Token.

User Management: User Roles

Organized Timesheet

An individual’s timesheet will display both Azure DevOps/TFS work items and assigned Categories for every project they are assigned to (Managers control who sees which Categories). Team Time Reporting is designed to prevent a user from entering time beyond the work item’s "Remaining" Effort amount. Additional hours can be added to the work item’s “Remaining” field for additional time entry.